5 Practical Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy

5 Practical Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy

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Dogs are awesome creatures. They can be adorably social and like most humans do, they show affection. They tend to follow orders and act as security guards for your home as well. With all these, it is not surprising if a lot of dog owners consider their pets as part of the family already. And, of course, family needs to be taken care of.

Here then are some tips to make sure your dog has a long and happy life:

  • Hygiene

Your dog may be your best buddy and you allow him to sleep by your side and wake you up in the morning. You hug him or pat his head often. But are you sure he is free from any germs? To minimise health issues for the both of you, brush your puppy’s coat regularly to get rid of dead fur. Check ears for any infections. Brush his teeth frequently to avoid dental diseases as well.

Girl combing her cute dog.

  • Proper Diet

The kind of food your dog eats determines his overall wellbeing. He needs the right nutrients and minerals in order for him to be active and strong. A healthy diet will positively affect your pet’s skin, joints, coat, weight and energy level. So give him the best dog food which contains omega-3 (can be found in fish) and the right amount of carbohydrates. It is also advisable to stick to that healthy diet consistently to avoid overfeeding, which inevitably makes your canine obese.

If you happen to buy raw meat, be sure to include raw bones for your dog. These help your pet in exercising his jaw, not to mention are a good source of calcium.

Proper Diet

  • Clean Water

Like most humans, dogs need water in order to survive. It is the cheapest and one of the most important things you can give to your pet. Make sure then to supply clean water daily. You can place a shallow bowl of water in a place where your dog can easily see it, not in someone else’s way. Also, keep your bathroom doors locked and toilet lids down to avoid your puppy from drinking from there.

Clean Water

  • Take him to the doctor

Find a veterinarian that you can trust and visit her regularly. Having your dog checked frequently prevents certain illnesses and diseases. Your local vet can talk to you about your dog’s vaccination as well.

the doctor

  • Exercise

Dogs are active animals especially when they are still young. They prefer to move around and play often. You can take your pup for a walk early in the morning before doing errands or you can play with him after your work. This will help stimulate the blood circulation in your dog’s body and keep him in shape. Doing exercises together also gives you the chance to develop a deeper bond with your pet.


All in all, by maintaining the right diet, ensuring good hygiene, scheduling enough exercise and providing loving care – your dog will be able to sustain a healthy life through the years.

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