A Look at Some Top Celebrities who Love to Play Bingo

A Look at Some Top Celebrities who Love to Play Bingo

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Bingo is a very old game, and – just like games such as chess or checkers – there’s a good reason why it has passed the test of time and is still as popular today as it has ever been. Not only does the act of playing the game bring joy and fun, it’s an excellent way of meeting new people and socialising in an organised setting. Bingo is simply irresistible, bringing fun to the party regardless of its setting and time. In fact, the game is so popular that you would be surprised about who are famous bingo players. Want to know what you and some top celebrities have in common? Here is a look at some top celebrities who love to play Bingo!

Royalty first

Yes, that’s right, the queen of England is said to play bingo when the whole family gets together, and so does Prince William. Though it’s not known what kind of bingo is played at family gatherings (the classic or the American version), chances are that the queen prefers the UK style – meaning a game with 90 numbers.

Yes, presidents love it too

The royal family of the UK is not the only famous figureheads who enjoy the game – president Barack Obama has been known to shout out the popular word as well. Apparently his step-mom is an avid bingo player, so the enthusiasm must have rubbed off on him.

When you’re not singing

Robbie Williams is just one of the famous singers who enjoy this classical pastime. In fact, he often goes to Hollywood games, and then donates any winnings he might have to charity. And he’s not the only one: there’s also Bono, and many more.


Did you know that the actor Russell Crowe actually worked at a Bingo hall as a bingo number caller before his acting career took off? What’s more, he was fired and the job didn’t last long because he used foul language when calling the numbers.

And actresses, of course

Catherine Zeta-Jones is famous for hosting her wonderful bingo parties. She does, however, prefer the US rather than the UK style, which means she plays with 75 instead of 90 balls.

As you can see, the game of bingo is not just a common game enjoyed by the commoner – it’s a timeless game enjoyed by the young and the young at heart, by the working man and the elite woman. Who knows, next time you are in a room or online playing your favourite pastime, you might actually be sitting amongst celebrities – you might actually be exchanging some words and pleasantries with some of the most famous people on the planet – celebrities playing bingo. So enjoy the game and don’t forget to shout, ‘Bingo!’

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