Finding the Best Bail Bonds in Texas

Finding the Best Bail Bonds in Texas

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As anyone who has ever had to spend a night or two in a Texas jail cell could tell you, spending some hard cash to find a way to avoid a third night in that cell is going to be the best money you have ever spent. The best way to do this, of course, is to find a good bail bond company such as the folks at Brazoria County Bail Bonds and make good use of their expertise. Whether it is the fact they understand the complicated paperwork that always comes with posting bail or that they have probably developed good relationships with everyone at the Sherriff’s Office where you are currently residing doesn’t really matter. The truth is they probably have a better relationship with everyone there than you and for a better reason. This alone is a good enough motive to have them on autodial if you find yourself making a habit of spending time at the local jail.

Best Bail Bonds in Texas

Try the Yellow Pages

But what if you don’t know a good reliable bond person when the unthinkable happens and you find yourself looking at a jail cell from the wrong side of the bars? Well, I suppose you could try using the Yellow Pages on your cell phone to see if there are any in your area. That is if they have Wi-Fi in the jail and you can find someone willing to come out at this hour. Because it won’t be a three in the afternoon, I can guarantee you.

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Check the Bathroom Wall

Although this is generally a place where you might look for the name of someone to give you “a good time”, at your local jail it might also be where a local bail bond company might think to place an ad. You certainly aren’t going anywhere fast and if you find an ad for one here, it is a good bet they know the local jail well since they thought to advertise there.

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Ask Around

While the local jail house clerks may not be the friendliest people in the world, chances are they might not only know of a local bail bond company they might have a friend or relative who works for one. Since families often work in similar types of industries, this wouldn’t be all that unusual. It is worth asking, at any rate.

Ask Around

Stand and Yell

Okay, I don’t really expect you to stand in the middle of a local Sheriff’s office and start yelling that you want a bail bondsman here right now. If anything, that is likely to get you into even more trouble. But letting everyone around you know that you are good for it if they know of one can’t hurt. Or it can, I guess it depends on the town in Texas that picked you up. But letting everyone within your vicinity know that you are willing to pay a local bondsman just may get you the action you need right now.

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