Getting to Know Louis Lagasse

Getting to Know Louis Lagasse

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Have you ever heard of the famous Canadian by the name of Louis Lagasse? Throughout the years, Louis has successfully built a name for himself throughout Canada, especially within the business and arts sectors. Of course, his presence can be felt throughout many other countries. Not only has Louis worked diligently to improve his career and life, but also to improve the lives of the individuals living within this Canadian community. Whether or not you know it, Louis might have already improved your life in someway.

Media5 Corporation

Although you’ve probably heard of the Media5 Corporation, you probably didn’t know that Louis was the current owner and chairman of the board for the company. This specific company has been in operation since early 1992. Throughout their business venture, the business has successfully built a powerful reputation and has expanded their business from Canada to overseas markets. They now touch many areas throughout Europe, the Middle East and even Asia. Of course, the company’s products are available to anyone all around the world. The company is best known for its VoIP services and products. They’re responsible for innovating the field and providing all other companies with a starting point.

Media5 Phone

While working with the Media5 Corporation, Louis Lagassé helped to develop the Media5-fone. This is software that offers many individual with voice over IP services. Most IP PBX systems are capable of working with this specific software. On the other hand, Internet telephony service providers can also work with this specific platform. By working with an SIP stack, the software relies on a portable client engine that operated using M5T SIP. At the current time of this writing, the software is currently available on the Android mobile operating system as well as Apple’s iOS. The software was originally released in June of 2009 and has been improved numerous times sense. Around the time of the initial release, the software was capable of offering VPN support, Bluetooth capabilities and a configurable ring-tone.

Expanded Career

Although Louis is best known for helping the Media5 Corporation rise to fame, he has also spent plenty of time working with other organizations. Since December of 2000, Louis has worked with the Cell Foods group, which is responsible for importing and processing food spices and herbs. Various establishments in the food industry throughout Canada use these items. Lagasse also works with the Portland Management Vimy. He is actually the President and Owner of the company, which is responsible for managing and handling a variety of different services within the telecommunications field.


While Louis is definitely busy with his businesses and ventures, he always ensures that he has time to work with his foundation, the JA Lagasse Foundation. With his foundation, he helps to improve the arts and culture in Canada, while offering scholarships to a number of schools including universities in Sherbrooke, Montreal and Western. Throughout his philanthropy work, Louis has helped to develop numerous businesses currently running successfully in the Eastern Townships. He also helps to support a variety of institutions throughout the area.

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