Guide on Buying a Mannequin that Fits Your Style

Guide on Buying a Mannequin that Fits Your Style

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Famous divas of silent cinema gave an emotive power to fashion mannequins. Display mannequins are commonly used by stores to exhibit clothing and by photographersto show new styles of garments. But, not all mannequins are alike. Hence, we need to follow some standards in selecting the best choice. Here are the guides on how to buy a mannequin that fits your style:

  • A mannequin is formed as a realistic human. There are many forms available in the market, but it is suggested to choose that which is molded from plastic or fiberglass since, it can guarantee environmental sustainability. An ideal mannequin is shock absorbent and is made out of recycled plastic.It can also be used with coloring, but it the materials used should be environmental friendly. Plus, it may be made out of a hard outer shell for durability.

  • We have to decide whether we will use a realistic or an abstract mannequin. We can actually base it on market trends. If we choose the former, it will show us how the clothing will look like in actual person. It only means that it can gauge the quality and look of the items that we fit into it. We can also use it if we want a sleek, chic, haute, or couture look of the garments. It is generally utilized in non-traditional or unconventional clothing. On the other hand, the latter may be used by stores in an urban or a contemporary area.
  • We should also consider the cost of the item. We can select that which offers the highest quality at the least possible cost. Mannequins that are made of plastics may be much cheaper than those which are made of fiberglass. Aside from that, we should consider how long it will last. The longer we can use it, the more we can benefit from it, which means we can save more.


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