How to Choose the Right Pearl Earrings that Will Suit You

How to Choose the Right Pearl Earrings that Will Suit You

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Pearls will always look pleasant on anyone who wears them. They look simple, clean and totally elegant. Handmade pearl earrings are priceless possessions. You can wear them for any formal occasion. They also go well with whatever colour of the dress you are wearing. Here are some tips for choosing the best earrings that suit your personality.


Natural pearls come in white, black, gold, silver, grey and cream. They come from different types of oysters, therefore, the colours are different. Some of these colours, like black, are rare and are very costly. Don’t buy one right away just because it is sold at a lower price. In some stores, they sell white pearls, dyed black to increase the value. They can also be dyed some other colours like red and blue.

The best choice will always be white. If you want to go for a more classic but sophisticated look, you will never go wrong with white. However, if you want to catch attention, gold or black pearls are always a head-turner.

Natural and cultured pearls

Cultured pearls are not necessarily fake. They were just obtained by placing an “implant” in the oyster. It is monitored until it produces pearls. Naturally occurring pearls are way more expensive. They are rarer these days. They are usually found several metres deep underwater. Hence, the price becomes really high. Either way, it is fine to acquire these as long as you don’t break the bank doing it.


Naturally, round pearls are very rare and finding ones that can be made into earrings is difficult. Usually, the pearl earrings you find that are perfectly round are cultured. Again, it is your choice whether or not to invest in cultured pearls. Just make sure the pearls match in shape and size especially if used as earrings. Asymmetrical earrings look weird.


Some people think that bigger pearl earrings look better. They say a lot about how wealthy you are as huge pearls are really expensive. Whether or not they look good on you is another story. People with smaller faces should use smaller pearls or else the pearls will overwhelm their best facial features. Also, size alone is not a determinant of how expensive pearl jewellery is.


Pearls that have higher lustre reflect well. They look like a mirror. They also glow. Those with poorer lustre are usually muddy, and the reflections are distorted. Choose one that has better reflection since it indicates authenticity. This is what you want in your new pair of pearl earrings.

These are just some of the most important considerations in choosing pearl earrings. You can take a look at the choices online or you may also search in local jewellery stores. Take your time in choosing since you are spending quite a huge amount of money. When you have decided which to buy, try them on first. Hopefully, you can get an ideal pair of earrings for you.


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