How to Use Hydraulic Torque Wrench in Proper Manner

How to Use Hydraulic Torque Wrench in Proper Manner

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In the industrial environment, a very precision instrument has been designed by Engineers which is called hydraulic torque wrench and this is used for tightening bolts on tower crane assemblies, excavator tracks, foundation connections and many other different applications.

Hydraulic Torque wrench is one of the very useful and effective torque tools, and in order to get best performance of this tool, it is necessary to keep it well maintained and properly calibrated as per the schedule and also follow properly all its operating guidelines.

In the operating guidelines you will find acceptable ranges of torque, in which order specific bolts are to be tightened, number of times you can tighten the fastener so that you can make sure that uniform torque is applied. Following proper guidelines is necessary for preventing any damage to this tool as well as any personal injury to the operator.

Following are list of things to be done in order to ensure that the hydraulic torque wrench is properly maintained and used in proper manner.

  • If the operator is using any hand operated tool then he must wear safety glasses or goggles all the time
  • Before you start using the hydraulic torque wrench, inspect the tool properly so that there is no cracked area, worn out on the tool. If you find any visible crack or damage in any part then get it replaced immediately.
  • While using the tool follow all the instructions given by the manufacturer as regards to force, torque direction, torque pattern or sequences, when to lubricate etc.
  • Avoid exceeding the range recommended for torque range
  • The calibration of torque wrench gets seriously affected if it is dropped on any hard surface. You must recalibrate it before use.
  • Use this tool during final assembly process. If you use it in some other stage then its calibration may get disturbed

  • Your torque wrench may get damaged if you do not apply torque slowly and methodically
  • Always set the torque wrench to the manufacturer’s setting while storing it. In case you are not aware of that then set it to the lowest value
  • Always hold the torque wrenches in the center of the handle.
  • Avoid using hammer on the wrench unless it is designed for hammering
  • As soon as the wrench signals that specific torque has reached, you must stop pulling further
  • After certain number of operations, it must be recalibrated
  • Avoid any kind of marking or etching on torque wrenches