Top 3 Tips to Earn Lots of Gil And Level Fast in Final Fantasy 14

Top 3 Tips to Earn Lots of Gil And Level Fast in Final Fantasy 14

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Are you looking for tips that can help you begin the game Final Fantasy 14? Here are a few helpful tips that are related to questing, which is the most important part of the game, if you are a beginner.

Questing- The Major Goal

If you are just starting out with playing this fantastic game, one thing that you need to worry about is leveling up through various quests because they’re not too easy to conquer. If you are proficient in the game, it will be somewhat blasé and you won’t find things engaging. It will be more fun, if you find yourself exploring the new world. However, after some time, you will feel bored and be led to a point where you need to quest; your way towards higher levels will be certainly enticing.

final fantasy 14 Questing

If you want to power up the leveling, it is recommended to avoid getting quests from different areas. Instead of focusing on multiple areas, you can consider a single area, and then move to the other.

Level Balancing & Gil Gathering

The best thing to make your game engaging is gathering Gils. The main goal for anyone in Final Fantasy XIV is to have enough Gil and at the end of the level, you need to buy necessary things. If you already have ended up getting tons of GIL and if you are not there at maximum level, then it isn’t worth it and the other way is true for certain extent. If you are at max level, then it is a lot easier to collect the GIL, and it is advised to go in one main way to collect tons of Gil in Final Fantasy 14.

final fantasy 14 Level Balancing

Money that you use for trading in this particular game is known as Gil. You can start earning more once you reach 50th level. You will be having more Gil left with you to spend on other items that certainly benefit your character. Once you master the game, you can earn more Gil. This certainly helps you in reaching a number of levels.

Make Use of Power Leveling

One thing that most of them have been using is the power leveling methodology, since people know that actual game starts at 50th level. For this particular reason, most of them solely focus on the leveling and questing, ignoring the other low priority aspects. Once you reach the maximum level, then the biggest part in the game is completed and you can completely focus on other necessary things.

Make Use of Power Leveling

Using Step by Step Guides

If you want to earn lots of Gil and level up fast, then you need to start following step by step guides.

You can find many guides online and you can take your gaming to the next level. You need to download the power leveling guides and it also has tips to speed up the quest. To purchase the cheapest final fantasy xiv gil, you can visit

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