What Do You Want Your Hospitality Uniforms to Convey about Your Company?

What Do You Want Your Hospitality Uniforms to Convey about Your Company?

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It is important to choose just the right uniform in order to stress professionalism on the job. A professional uniform publicly displays the level of professionalism presented by a company or organisation.

This presentation is an important clue as to how your organisation is run and the type of care and service you offer patrons and potential customers. Therefore, it is essential that you align yourself with a uniform company that can help present your employees in the best possible light.

Hospitality Uniforms

Some Examples of Professional Apparel

Some of the apparel featured among Total Image hospitality uniforms includes chef wear, aprons, administrative apparel, gaming and floor uniforms, beauty and spa clothing, automotive uniforms, team uniforms, and workwear worn for reasons of safety.

Once you know which type of apparel fits your field or industry, you can start to short-list your choices. It is important to make careful choices when picking the colours, materials, and styling for your company’s apparel.

Hospitality Professional Apparel

Crisp and Professional

If you are buying uniform apparel for public relations or front-desk staff members, then it is imperative to choose clothes that are not susceptible to wrinkling. Usually clothes that are made of 100% cotton or cotton blends, especially blends including polyester and rayon, are the best clothing selections. Try to centre your focus on clothes that look crisp and professional.

Neutral colours never go out of style and add to a classic and professional look. Maybe you need to buy uniforms for your medical office staff. If so, try to choose solid colours that are somewhat vibrant in nature.

buying uniform apparel

Adding Some Cheer in the Workplace

Brighter colours and hues frequently work out well for medical staff members who treat child patients regularly. However, adults who visit a medical facility like upbeat shades and tints too.

Adding Some Cheer in the Workplace

Ask Your Employees What They Would Like to Wear

You have to meld your choice of clothing into the environment where it will be worn. Consider the nature of the work and what type of uniform will be well-received by an employee as well as a customer. If you are not sure about your selection, take some time and present the various styles to the staff who will be wearing the apparel. Get an overall general consensus. After all, you want your employees to be happy about wearing the work wear as much as you are pleased about the clothing purchase.

Ask Your Employees

Uniforms can either make or break your company’s bottom line as employees often wear their uniforms after they get off work as well. Therefore, the statement the apparel sends must convey both professionalism and just the right appeal to your customer base.

Therefore, taking the time to view the details about several uniform styles online will enable you to make a wiser, and perhaps more prudent, purchasing decision. Carefully consider the colour, the overall style, and the fabrics used to construct the uniform. How do all these elements come together?  Use this criterion to strike the right influence in the marketplace.