What’s Next for America?

What’s Next for America?

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The United States of America is perceived to be very successful in almost all aspects. There is a reason that the US is known as one of the superpowers, along with China. It seems America has figured out what they have to do in order to keep being a very progressive country. It is very evident that they are succeeding in tourism, educational opportunities, and in so many other aspects that could contribute to the success of a country. And even today, the United States of America still continues to strive and only improve what they have already achieved.

Tourism is a very big deal when we speak in terms of the success of one country. The United States of America has been doing a good job over the past few years. Almost all kinds of people that come from different parts of the world want to at least once, be able to see America. It is in everyone’s bucket list to visit the US and see everything it has to offer and that is why when people choose to actually go to America; they often stay there for a month or even for a longer period of time. There are a lot of reasons why people really want to go to the US. There are a lot of famous and beautiful places in the US, no matter which state you are in.

For example, there is Hollywood in Los Angeles, which everyone knows is very popular since it is known to be home to biggest stars and celebrities, it is basically the heart of show business and if you can make it there, then you are probably considered to be one of the best actors and performers. There is also the Brooklyn Bridge that can be found in Brooklyn, New York, and there are thousands of people that come and visit that bridge just to see it and also since it is elevated, the Statue of Liberty can be seen from afar.

There are a lot more tourist spots to visit and see in America as it offers so much and when you travel to the US, it gives you a sense of their culture and that is also probably one of the reasons why people choose to go there.

The United States of America is known by most people from all over the world to offer a good quality of education. Although somehow expensive, people still want to apply to universities in America because of their good reputation and that is why it is considered a privilege to be able to just study there. It is considered a dream to be able to get into universities in America and that is also why a lot of people choose to move to the US.

As everyone is aware, elections have recently just finished and Donald Trump is now sitting as President of the United States of America. With this, somehow, everything for America changed. Of course, the US is still doing great but clearly, it is not all good for people who want to move to or even go to the US since the president has made it clear what he wants to happen to America and it looks like people will be hearing more of Trump news as time progresses.

It is more or less certain that the United States of America will keep striving and will probably always be a superpower because everyone can really see the efforts they exert to keep their status. The US also affects other countries in so many ways, so if they are successful as a country, then other countries might also benefit from them since America really has the eye to help out. And with this, America will keep being a powerful country and one can only hope that whoever leads next after the current president’s term ends will be someone who really has the best intentions for America’s people.

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