Why Choose Sky TV?

Why Choose Sky TV?

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If you are looking at getting a TV package, look no further than Sky. They offer a wide range of packages that can be customised to suit your needs.

It’s easy to contact Sky to find out what deals you can get.The best way to do this is to go to www.skyphonenumber.com. You will be able to find various contact numbers for Sky, including a Sky TV number that will put you though to someone directly, avoiding the automation and endless options. They are the UKs cheapest direct phone line to sky, at only 7 pence per minute.  So why chose them as your TV package provider? Here we list the reasons why you should consider them.

More channels for less money

Sky is the only UK based company that offer over 200 channels including 11 high definition channels at no extra cost for only £20 a month. Comparing this to other companies, whose basic packages only give you 60 channels, including 10 high definitions for £22 a month. This is a lot less than you get with Sky.

So just how do they manage to give you so many channels for such low price? It’s due to the fact that they choose to use a satellite to broadcast their signal. This signal can pick up a multitude of channels that cost next to nothing for Sky, so they pass the savings on to you, the customer.

Picture Quality

Sky has always been known for having great picture quality compared to other providers. This is due to the fact Sky that they use MPEG4 for HD instead of MPEG2. These formats are how a video file is compressed and shown on your television screen. MPEG4 is better as it compresses well and rarely loses video quality when being transmitted compared to MPEG2.

You may have heard people complaining that when it rains, their satellite signal messes up and they are left without any TV. Whilst this used to be a common problem with sky, advancements in technology mean that this now rarely happens, and if in the event it does happen, it is fixed quickly.  You won’t have to do anything, as it will fix itself.

Box Sets

For a little extra each month, you also have the added bonus of a catalogue of over hundreds of popular TV shows and box sets at your disposal. You can watch these as many times as you like and as they don’t require any downloads, they will not take up space on your sky box hard drive. There is also the option to download your favourite episodes and shows if you like, just in case you have internet issues and want to watch something offline.

This is great if you’ve just started watching something, and want to see previous episodes, or if you can’t get enough of just one episode, you can chose to watch your fill without having to worry about any hidden costs.